Supplier of new information and communication technology solutions

delivering consistent, beneficial services in the shortest amount of time, at the most reasonable cost, and of the greatest caliber; To fully address your loved ones’ worries about the organization’s and your collection’s IT in a centralized and integrated fashion, and to instill trust and peace of mind in them.


about us …

ITIK SYSTEMS, a team of knowledge-based system inventors, launched its business in Mashhad in the middle of 2014 by offering specialized services for computer networks and hotel IT. After a short while, by identifying some of the demands and issues in this sector (hotel and tourist), relying on the skills and initiatives of bright young people, in addition to optimizing the network communications infrastructure for both internal and external communications, to take a simple but significant step toward assisting the expansion and development of other enterprises, it built various software systems to offer cutting-edge services to the visitors of these collections.

what services are provided ?

Cable networks ( Passive & Active )

A number of customized services and software settings are available together with a consistent physical infrastructure and communication platform.

General Services of IT users

Solving issues and addressing user needs at the level of finished products and computer systems

System Hardening

A systematic process to audit, detect, fix, and manage security flaws inside the company

Software applications

designing websites for individuals and businesses, internet accounting, and online reservation and sales systems

Video Surveillance System

Protection of the organization’s perimeter and physical integrity through surveillance and the transfer of security pictures (closed-circuit cameras)

Wireless Networks

Wireless intra-organizational communication, secure branch-to-branch communication, and collection management of Internet lines

The place of Nouavaran next to you …

Consulting / design

Monitoring / troubleshooting

Supplying and provision of equipment

Preparing and installing / launching and running  

Maintenance, servicing and updating

Training (upgrading the technical level) 

some of our concerns

the network of the organization’s many departments lacks unity and consistency.
Dependence on the individual, along with a variety of issues and expenditures connected to direct. collaboration with specialized forces.
Persistent functional issues with some current hardware or software.
 Unhappiness with the troops’ technical or moral performance or the existing support provider.
Concern and skepticism over the protection of important business data.
Improper and unresponsive contact with other IT-related contracting businesses.
The information and communication technology sector’s budgetary inconsistencies and excessive expenses.
Information in computer systems is dispersed, isolated, and subject to illegal access.
lack of clarity on the informatics unit’s performance.
unstable (disruptions, connections, and interrupts often) or slow communication; in collection branches, the internet, or internal networks.

The benefits of outsourcing

Not relying on the individual and saving on maintenance and termination expenses associated with collaboration.
Ease, tranquility, and total concentration on commercial and private sales, as well as, of course, the collection’s income expansion.
Accelerating the growth and improvement of IT-related issues through the use of free consultations and ongoing solutions.
Managing unexpectedly difficult circumstances and setting aside time to address potential issues.
Making use of the expertise, skills, and information of several specialists as a result of ongoing interactions with other organizations and, of course, a variety of challenges.
A team that is always available to you ( 24 / 7 ) and well comprehends the nature of the activity.
Constant advancement and access to the highest quality services in a variety of information and communication technology fields in an integrated manner, at a price that is suitable and reasonable for your organization, while relying on the advantages of teamwork and hiring qualified professionals with solid technical expertise in every area.



Why choosing us ?

Due to the variety of clients throughout more than 7 years of professional expertise, we can provide solutions and free advice that are tailored to your company needs.
Having more than 10 human resources, each with the necessary knowledge and experience to contribute to their respective areas of competence to the business.
Fewer test and work mistakes and a quicker response time for identifying and resolving issues thanks to the essential experience.
Fostering communication and collaboration between the technical team and the company’s administrative employees.
High adaptability and flexibility in drafting the cooperation agreement; lowest feasible rate, in accordance with the terms of the collection, and in light of your judgment.
Performance depends on the completion of standard checklists created, specifically for the firm, to prevent potential difficulties.
Collaborating with reputable, seasoned parallel businesses and allied technological teams.
Being on time, having excellent morals and behavior, being responsible, and using your full effort to meet your job commitments to satisfy your employer.
Recording, visiting, and presenting recurring reports, ongoing supervision, routine backups, and adherence to security procedures.

A person or people introduced, in person, and stationed at your location (fixed and complete throughout the day based on the 8 hours of work required by the company or the hours required by the organization); in addition to performing all support services and following up on the resolution of daily problems arising at the level of users and final IT systems of the complex; to control the server room and all central and intermediate devices, the company’s network field supervisors will be present with you and the aforementioned professionals as “remote and on-call.”

In this cooperation model (a mixture of two other models preferably), all server room equipment, as well as the central and intermediate network devices, are all under the supervisors of the company’s network unit’s software control; Other regular duties and issues at the level of users and ultimate IT systems of your collection, to the greatest extent feasible, by company-based and remote specialists (Remote) through Internet platform utilizing already-existing safe tools or consultation and the required assistance as a call; to check on the state of the hardware services or those that cannot be rectified remotely, a person or people will be introduced to your collection to undertake periodic visits regularly, on a case-by-case basis, and part-time on defined days and hours.

In this model of cooperation, all of the network support team’s tasks and services (such as equipment control and problem-solving, etc.) are carried out solely offline and via a system remote connection (Remote) to the Internet platform. This is done by utilizing the safe tools already in place, making phone calls from the company’s location and during business hours, and sending a specialist to your organization to address the issues, among other things, at an additional cost.

This collaboration model will be based on your recommendations for the services that are needed, how to supply them, how many hours a remote expert should be present, etc.

types of servicing



What customers say about us …

common questions

In general, we may say that our team of experts is at your side and that we follow up on all issues relating to your company’s IT until they are fully resolved. However, if you want to know more information, provide us your phone number so we can get in touch with you right away and we can have a general conversation about any topic you choose.

It is done entirely without cost. Any approach that makes it simpler for you to attempt this issue is what you should use to inform us straight away.

We are at your side in all circumstances, from 0 to 100. (from consulting and supplying equipment to implementation and support and of course training).

In our opinion, everyone needs a specialist in this sector as a friend and adviser, even if they don’t have a single system, so they can at least resolve common and everyday issues. Use his guidance on the new technology being offered daily for business success. Depending on the quantity and kind of equipment you have, as well as the amount of work you have, we provide you with the most effective way of collaborating to be able to officially work with you.

First, choose “Other queries…” If you still can’t find the solution to your query there, enter your contact information in the box below and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can to discuss your query.

    contact us …

    Address : Mashhad, Esteghlal 1/1, No. 4, Unit 11

    Phone : +98-5136018010

    Email :  info @ ITIK

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